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~You might be addicted if...... "

You go to a links page and you visited all of them.

You memorized all the lines of your favorite character.

You memorized all the lines of every show.

You recite the lines you memorized to yourself or to friends.

Your bedroom wall is covered with DC pics.

You have every published work of DC. (ex. articles, magazines, pictures...)

You recorded all the episodes.

You cry if you have to miss watching an episode.

You dream that you are on the show.

You dream that you are married to one of the characters.

You hyperventilated every time Joey and Dawson kissed.

You watch the shows you recorded everyday.

Your friends who missed an episode always ask you what it was about because they know you know.

Friends who missed an episode always ask you if they could borrow the tape of the episode, because they know you recorded it.

You are the first of your friends to know about episode spoilers and rumors.

You make up a prediction on what's going to happen everyday or every week.

You cut out anything to do with DC from magazines

You read all the posts in a DC newsgroup.

You replace your pic in place of a character to make it seem like you are on the show.

You have written more that five fan fictions.

You already transcribed at least half of all the episodes.

Your friends have a waiting list for the tape of Dawson's Creek episodes.

You compare everything to Dawson's Creek.

You drew a map of Dawson's house.

You pay attention to the tiniest details.

Your vocabulary enhances without a dictionary.

You wish that one of the characters would madly fall in love with you.

You are subscribed to all the known DC mailing lists.

If you have a DC page, you are in all the known DC web rings.

You ran out of web rings to join and/or decided to make one.

Characters on DC somehow appear in your dreams.

You write poems, songs, stories about DC or its characters.

You argue with your friends on what is going to happen on next week's show.

You go into a down spiral of depression every time a rerun is shown.

You know that you will not survive during the long 3 months of summer of no new episodes.

You and your 3 best friends all nickname each other Jen, Joey, Dawson, and Pacey. You ask others, such as parents, to call you it, too.

You change your online screen name to

You spend all your time writing letters (by way of snail-mail) to the characters of Dawson's Creek

You know every fact about every character on the show. (Date of birth, mother and father's name, siblings, place of birth, pets, age, previous TV show appearances or movies).

You force your "non-watching" friends to watch every episode (which you've taped) thus, addicting them!

Your friends start referring to you as Joey

Every time you go on the web the first thing you look up is Dawson's Creek then you print out everything about it no matter how may pages it is.

You have all four copies of the TV guide where each of the characters are on the cover, just so you'd have all four covers

you make DC labels for your property (books,etc.).

You dream of what it would be like to live in Capeside

You go and buy the CD's of the music you here on the show

You dream of going to the town(set) where it is filmed

You rather not study for your HUGE math test and instead watch DC cause you know if you tape it all your friends will spoil what happened for you.

You apply to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington just be where DC is filmed.

You write letters and have imaginary phone converstaions with your favorite character.

If you download every single DC video on every single DC media web page, blow them up to full-screen size and sit there and watch them over and over for hours.

You don't let your friends borrow the episodes you taped of DC because you don't even want to have the possibility of loosing the tapes, their house burning down, or the tapes accidentally stolen during a robbery...whatever excuse you can come up with.

Your addicted to Dawson's Creek if you sing "I don't Want to Wait" during the day.

If you imagine being in the opening credits with the other four characters.

Make stuff in your life as dramatic as they make stuff on the show.

You write over and over in your journal, "I love --insert character name here--"

You watch the entire season at least once a week.

You print out lyrics of the songs played on DC and put them in your binder so you can sing to yourself everyday in class.

You watch all the movies that the actors were in and compare them to their characters on DC.

Anyone that knows anything about DC that I don't already know is your new best friend.

You've been there, done that and have the t-shirt and the hat.

You call the actors by their character's name.

You make a tape of all the songs heard in every single episode.

You put DC sounds on your voice mail.

Recite the lines while watching DC.

You cry every time the episode is over cause you know you have to wait another week for the next episode.

Tape every episode and sneak a mini TV in your locker so between periods watch small parts of the show.

Name all of your pets after the characters.

You have special made DC wallpaper and the ceiling has the charecters painted on it.

You lose friends because all you talk about is DC and never leave the house because you'd rather spend your time watching taped DC episodes.

You design your own DC video games for your comp. and instead of going online you always play the game.

You unplug your phone, and refuse to speak to anyone from 8:00 to 9:00 on Wednesday nights, except during commercial breaks.

You and your friends can't stop singing "On My Own".

You and your friends can't stop making jokes and constant refrences to leather sraps and crisco!

You and your friend are talking on the phone, and she is watching DC and you're listening to the show.

You are convinced that your life is running parallel to DC.

You cry at the season finale, and then rewind the kiss scene and cry again.

You never miss an episode.

You hang up on your friends and leave the phone off the hook while the show is on.

You punch every jock who you see in lunchline.

You enter your best friends house through the window

"On my Own" becomes your fave song and you decide to go see the play "Les Miserables".

You dream of movin to Cape Cod and build a replica of Dawson's house when you are older.

You get plastic surgery to look like one of the characters and then you have your name legally changed to that character's name.

You recite the lines of the characters' at least five seconds before they say them.

When friends ask you for advice you say...Well in episode # ---- entitled, "-----" Joey said to Dawson...

You gave up your dream of being a doctor to be an actor to work with the cast of DC, or a least side tracked your dream.

You kiss your posters before you go to bed at night.

You have every picture that you can find downloaded to your computer.

You spend an hour in a store looking for magazines with the cast in them.

You spend all of your money on DC stuff.

Your one wish is to meet the cast.

You swear your going to name your children after the charachters on the show.

You go into temper tantrums and convultions when your dad says you can't watch it cause your grounded.

You draw the characters in your spare time and get mad if it looks nothing like them.

You actually do a web search for the characters' names (i.e. Josephine Potter, Pacey Witter, Dawson Leery, Jen Lindley) and then realize that is probably not their real name. And then you have to go to a fan page to find out what their real name is.

When your computer becomes slower because of all the pictures and software (of DC) inserted into it.

You boo if you see a commercial containing Luke Perry or anything having to do with 90210.

You only wear J. Crew or Gap clothes.

You will only watch movies directed by Steven Spielberg.

You set up camcorders in forbidden ruins.

You move to a) Massechutesetts, b) North Carolina {where the show is filmed,} or c) New York.

Not only have you dreamed of being on the show, but you know exactly how you will effect each and every character and every plot line.

You went crazy while watching The Scare because you thought Joey was really dead.

You can recite an entire episode from memory.

You decide to name your children after the DC characters.

You go to see Damn Yankees just to see what was so important that Katie Holmes almost didn't go to her call back for DC.

When you went out with a guy that looks just like Dawson's (but didnt act like it).

You have called MTV's FANatic more than once and begged them to put you as the number one Dawson's Creek fan.

Punch the jerks that hate and don't watch the show.

You make your mom sign up for a discount ard at the bookstore just so you don't waste ALL your allowance money on the DC books and Mags.

You take notes on each episode so your website is up to date.

You pay your friends just so you can have the tiniest picture of all or one of the actors from their magazines.

Every metaphor you make about life involves DC.

You use the phrase "My mouth drops!" at least twice a day.

You have DC parties with your friends.

Your geography binder is covered with all or one of the actors.

>The inside of your locker is a shrine to all or one of the actors.

You do all your school assignments on DC.

You scream every time when DC opening credit airs.

You get a repilica of Dawson's necklace made even though it costed major money.

You make a home-made movie about your and your closest person's lives.

When your computor password revolves around four words, Joey,Dawson,Pacey and Jen.

If you find that when your best friend comes into the room while your watching the latest episode, you scream and shout at them to get out, so they don't disturb you. Then cry because you missed 30 vital seconds.

You made up your own play about Dawson's Creek and did it at your school.

If you are called a Creek Freak.

If the songs from the previous episode are constantly in your head.

If you have a goal to be more like any of the actors and their characters.

If you call your friend, for a 3 hour discussion and analysis of the show, the second after the end credits finish.

You watched the season finale of Season 2 and yelled at Joey over and over for breaking up with Dawson.

You refer to almost every body of water as a creek.

You go to the video store and get out any movie that is featured in the show - a couple of examples are: The English Patient, Footloose or The Graduate.

You know what songs were played in every episode, and during which scenes.

You have a Dawson's Creek scrapbook filled with every clipping, quote, and episode summary.

You sit in front of the T.V and through your carrotts and popcorn at it when the characters don't listen e.g. Joey yells at Dawson, Jack kisses Joey...

You know exactly how far away you live from Wilmington and beg your dad to drive 16 hours to take you there.

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