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*Fourth Season Episodes*


~"Coming Home" # 401

~Pacey and Joey return home after a summer of smooth sailing. They return to face their senior year and the big question everyone is asking, did they or didn't they? They find that a lot has changed and wonder if Capeside is better off without them. Dawson is more than happy to avoid Pacey and Joey, but Jen makes them talk. Pacey also comes home to find that his older sister, Gretchen has moved into his spot in Doug's house. Andie meets a couple of french guys at the beach.


~"Failing Down" # 402

~Joey lands a job at the yacht club. Pacey gets pulled into the counselor's office, and learns that he failed 3 classes last year from Dawson's dad. He doesn't tell Joey, who finds out from Dawson after his dad tells him. Jen wonders why she hasn't heard from Henry, and later finds out from Jack that Henry wants to end their relationship.


~"Two Gentlemen of Capeside" # 403

~Dawson and Joey get paired up for and English class assignment. After finding out, Jen and an upset Pacey take the True Love out for one last sail for the summer. When a bad storm sets in, Joey and Dawson go out after them. Andie goes for an college interview with Ms. Valentine. It goes bad when she learns about Andie's past with mental illness.


~"Future Tense" # 404

~Joey worries about her plans for college, and finds out that she is ranked # 4 in the class. Drue throws Jen a "birthday party" and everyone shows up. Joey tries to get her mind off of things by drinking. Drue tries to give Jen ecstacy. Jack hurts his arm during football practice.

~"A Family Way" # 405

~Worried that Pacey won't be able to wait forever, Joey goes to the Planned Parenthood clinic and gathers information on birth control. Dawson finds out that the reason his mom has been sick so much recently is because she is pregnant. At first, he is less than thrilled about it, but by the time he comes around, his mom has decided that she can't have the baby. While talking to Gretchen about it, Dawson finds out that the reason she came back to Capeside is because she, too, got pregnant, and she had a miscarriage.

~"Great Xpectations" # 406

~Andie gets a letter of early acceptance from Harvard. Although it is something she has wanted her whole life, she doesn't act too happy. The gang goes to a rave to celebrate Andie's good news. Andie walks in Jen's room and finds Jen holding the Ecstacy that Drue gave her. Andie is curious and asks Jen all about the effects and everything like that. She asks to hold it, and as soon as Jen gives it to her, Jack walks in. They arrive at the rave, and Jen asks Andie for it back. Andie confesses that she had one of them. Joey asks Gretchen if there is something going on between her and Dawson. Andie collapses from the ecstacy mixing with her antidepressants. As she is rushed to the hospital, Jack yells at Jen for giving it to Andie. Drue shows up at Jen's house later and tries to convince her to go back to the way she was in New York.

~"You Had Me At Goodbye" # 407

~The last college application essay that Joey needs is called "The Person Who Knows Me Best." She is torn between asking Dawson and Pacey. She eventually asks Dawson, who after thinking about it, turns her down. Jack ignores Jen's efforts to reconcile with him. Because of the recent turn of events in Andie's life, Mr. McPhee suggests that Andie take the rest of the school year and visit her aunt in Italy. Andie is hesitant at first, but eventually decides to go. She tricks the gang into coming together for dinner at Leery's Fresh Fish, and announces that she is leaving for Italy. She tries to get the friendship between everyone back to normal one last time. Jack and Jen make up, and Dawson tells Joey that he'd be honored to write the essay for her.

~"The Unusual Suspects" # 408

~After Principal Peskin's boat with "Class of 2001" on the sail, and his dog, are found in the school's pool, the principal and Dawson's dad set out to find out who did it. They grill Dawson, Pacey and Jack, only to find that Drue was the one who did it. Come the episode, we find that Dawson, Pacey, and Jack set Drue up.

~"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" # 409

~Jen decides that she doesn't want to go to college. When she tells Grams this, Grams turns to Jack, and they make a decision as well. Gretchen convinces Mitch and Gale to have their annual Christmas party when she says that she will put it together. Joey goes to a party for possible Worthington College students, and Pacey goes with her. The Dean ends up totally impressed...with Pacey. Pacey and Joey leave the party and go to the Leery's party and show up just in time to see Dawson kiss Gretchen under the mistletoe.