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*First Season Episodes*

Episode 1

~"Emotions In Motion" # 100

~The show opens with lifelong friends Dawson Leery and Joey Potter watching E.T. They are trying to deal with the fact that their friendship might change due to their changing hormones. Joey is also trying to deal with the fact that her feelings of friendship towards Dawson are developing into something more. Add the new neighbor, the blond and pretty Jen Lindley, who has moved to Capeside from New York to help take care of her sick grandfather, and Joey soon turns jealous. Jen seems to be the "Girl Next Door" type, but there is something mysterious about her as she tries to hide a dark secret from her past. And, of course, there's Pacey, who is a really sarcastic kind of guy who falls in love with a woman who turns out to be his english teacher at school, Tamara.

Episode 2

~"Dirty Dancing" # 101

~Dawson gets jealous when Jen goes on a date with Cliff. Joey lets Dawson's mom know that she knows about her affair with her co-worker. After their first kiss, Tamara tries to avoid Pacey, but fails as they find themselves in another "interesting" situation.

Episode 3

~"Prelude To A Kiss" # 102

~Joey gets swept off her feet by Anderson Crawford, a preppy rich guy who has stopped in Capeside with his family. She lies to Anderson right from the start, telling him that she lives in New York an her father is the CEO of a tampon company. Tamara tells Pacey that he is failing his classes. Pacey tells her that she can turn him around by becoming his private tutor. When she tested Pacey after school, Tamara was surprised to see how much he's learned. Tamara rejects his sexual advances though, tellig him to go "Find a girl your own age and not an insane middle-aged woman." During their movie night, Dawson tells Joey that he is waiting for the right moment to kiss Jen. Joey isn't interested. Dawson films the final scene of his movie. The scent is filed with candles and music. Dawson shoots the last scene and approaches Jen. He moves in for the kiss, but Jen notices that the camera is still rolling. She is disgusted with Dawson, that he could record such a private moment. She tells him, "You try to hard. You're overzealous." They hear someone coming and hide, but didn't have time to grab the camera. The camera catches Pacey and Tamara having sex,with out Dawson and Jen's knowledge. While in hiding, Jen and Dawson share their first kiss.

Episode 4

~"Carnal Knowledge" # 103

~After watching the footage on Dawson's tape, they recognize Tamara, but they can't tell who the guy with her is. Pacey freaks out when he finds out about the tape and asks when he can see it. Joey thinks he wants to see it for his own pleasure, but Pacey later tells Dawson that it is him with Tamara on the tape. Dawson finds out about his mom's affair. Not being able to go to Jen, he turns to Joey, and finds out that she already knew. He rages off. He finally turns to Jen, and says "Secrets destroy." Jen reveals the real reason that she was sent to Capeside. She says, "The cliches you hear about teenagers in the big city are true. Growing up too fast, having sex too young." Dawson thinks her parents wanted her to get away from those kinds of kids, but she tells him that she was that kind of kid. Dawson's perfect image of her is shattered. With no one to turn to, Jen talks to Joey about how Dawson reacted to the news. Joey lets Jen cry on her shoulder and says that when it comes to Dawson and women, "there are popes who have more experience. After not being able to tell his father about the affair, Dawson realizes why Joey was unable to tell him. They make up.

Episode 5

~"Blown Away" # 104

~During their movie night, Joey tells Dawson to deal with his mom's affair. Dawson reminds his mom how great his dad is and she realizes that the secret is out. With a storm approacing, Joey, her pregnant sister, Bessie, Bessie's boyfriend, Bodie, and Jen and her Grams stay at Dawson's house. Grams disapproves of Bessie and Bodie, and Bodie asks her, "Which do you object to most, the fact that I'm black and she's white ir that we're about to have a child in sin?" She says "What I object to is when children have children." Helping neighbors prepare for the coming storm, Pacey and is brother Doug notice how scared Tamara is. They sit out the storm with her. Doug starts flirting with Tamara, unaware of the fact that she's with Pacey. Tamara later tells Pacey that they need to end it because it's "too dangerous". Gale confesses her affair to Mitch with Dawson there. Mitch later tells her that he has chosen to stop loving her.

Episode 6

~"Look Who's Talking" # 105

~Movie night is uncomfortable with Jen there for the first time. Joey leaves, then Jen does. After Dawson and Pacey are overheard talking about Pacey and Tamara's affair, the rumor spreads. Tamara blames Pacey and is highly worried about the consequences. After school, Joey learns that Bessie has gone into labor. They end up over at Dawson's house and the only person there to help is Grams. Bessie is not happy to have Grams delivering her baby after the comments that she had made, but Grams ignores it and delivers a healthy baby boy, Alexander. Capeside High's board of governors calls and emergency meeting to discuss Pacey and Tamara's affair rumors. While Tamara is being questioned, Pacey interrupts and says that the rumors are untrue. He says, "Chalk them up to adolescent fantasy. Miss Jacobs is my english teacher, and to my great disappointment, nothing else." Tamara is allowed to go free. Outside, Pacey's brother Doug goes up to Tamara and tells her that Pacey has been nothing but trouble. Tamara disagrees. Tamara tells Pacey she is leaving town.

Episode 7

~"The Breakfast Club" # 106

~Dawson freaks out when he finds out that Pacey told Jen his childhood nickname, "Oompa Loompa". He slams a basketball into Pacey's face, getting detention Saturday morning. Jen gets detention by cussing during a discussion in class. Joey earns detention next after hitting a touchy-feely jock in the cafeteria. Saturday morning, everyone shows up at detention. In addition to Jen, Dawson and Joey, Pacey and Abby are there too. Abby tells them that she got detention because of a drug-fuelled orgy. She tells them, "I think the four of you have some weird sexual tension deal going on." Abby suggests they play Truth or Dare. Pacey has to kiss Jen and then asks Joey to tell who she is in love with. Joey goes for the dare, which is to kiss Dawson. Which she willingly does. To break the tension, Dawson dares everone to leave the room. He ends up playing basketball with Pacey while the girls talk on the sideline. Jen talks about how her attempts to be friends with Joey never work. Abby tells her they could never be friends as long as they keep fighting over the same guy. She says that it's obvious that Joey is in love with Dawson.

Episode 8

~"Escape From New York" # 107

~A guy in a leather jacket with a fast car from New York named Billy shows up in Capeside. Dawson isn't thrilled when he finds out that not only is he Jen's ex-boyfriend, he is also the one that she was caught having sex with by her parents. They go to a barbecue and Billy shows up uninvited. He yells "Jen was with me long before she even entered into your fantasies!." Dawson idiotically replies, "You and everyone else." Crushed, Jen walks off. Joey, meanwhile, has let herself get drunk. Pacey unhands her from a guy ready to take advantage of the situation. After Dawson and Pacey drop drunk Joey off at home, Joey kisses Dawson. Dawson later tells Pacey that she was probably thinking of someone else. Pacey tells him that Joey is really in love with him, and Dawson disagrees, saying that love is what he has with Jen. On his way home, Dawson sees Jen crying by the creek. She says that she needs to try life alone.

Episode 9

~"In The Company Of Men" # 108

~Joey gets a ride to school from a guy named Warren, who tells everyone that they had sex. Joey tries to confront him, but it doesn't work. Billy, who was supposed to be in New York, is back with another try at getting Jen back She says no. Billy says that he is goind to take Dawson and Pacey to a whore house, but the go to a bar instead. Jen comes up with a plan for revenge on Warren. They use the school mouth Abby, to spread a rumor that she's pregnant. Abby soon finds out that Joey is lying because she finds out that "Warren couldn't fertilize a garden. " Joey uses this info against Warren, forcing him to take back his rumor. At the bar, Dawson hits it off with Nina, a sexy film student. Nina's ready to take Dawson home. Dawson tells her that he's still in love with his ex-girlfriend. She offers to let Dawson sleep on her couch to get a reputation, but he decides not to. Jen asks Joey if they can keep Dawson from coming between them. Joey says sure, Dawson is only in love with one of them.

Episode 10

~"Friday The 13th" # 109

~Cliff Elliot finally convinces Jen to go on a date with him. He then turns to Dawson for advice on how to entertain her. Dawson says that the seance he is having at his house would be good. When Grams finds out that Jen is dating Cliff, who just happens to go to church, she is very happy. She never did like Dawson. While buying groceries for the party, Pacey and Dawson find a couple arguing. The girl, Ursula ditches her boyfriend and ends up going back to the party with them. When the lights go out, they split up to find out why. Outside, Ursula and Dawson start talking about Ursula's boyfriend Eddie. "Eddie's a monster. But he's my monster. You know, love's a really complicated bitch." Ursula also says that she can see the connection between Dawson and his girlfriend, the brunette. When Dawson corrects her and says that Joey is his friend and Jen is his ex-girlfriend, Ursula yells at him that he is dating the wrong girl. The others have come up with a plan to scare Dawson. Joey is missing and Dawson is the one who finds her, totally slashed open. He is not amused when everone starts laughing. Jen teases Dawson about his reaction and are about to kiss when they hear a noise. Ursula's boyfriend, Eddie followed them to the house and broke in. They manage to fight him off but Ursula goes home with her monster. When Cliff walks Jen home, she tells him that she isn't in the market for a boyfriend right now, though she still kisses him good night. Joey starts to tease Dawson about his reaction to finding her dead, then realizes that he really was shaken up. He says that it would be unthinkable if she were to die. Joey says the same.

Episode 11

~"Modern Romance" # 110

~Jen asks Dawson if they can stay friends after everything that has happened. He is at a loss for an answer. Joey gets stuck with Pacey as a partner in Biology. They have to do an extra credit project on the mating habits of snails. While left in charge of the snails for the night, Pacey manages to put two herbivores in with a carnivorous smail that gobbles them up. Pacey and Joey have to go hunt for more snails. While hunting for more snails, Pacey forgot to dock the rowboat and they end up having to swim back in freezing water. They change into blankets. Pacey manages to get a peek at a half-naked Joey. In spite of her claims of not needing a boyfriend, Jen makes a date with Cliff at the local carnival. Dawson invites himself along, trying to prove that he is over her. His date is Mary Beth. She realizes that it is too early for Dawson to be dating again, but agrees to come along. When she sees Jen at the carnival, she tells him that it's pretty obvious that he still likes her. Mary Beth has the hots for Cliff and grabs his arm as they ride the ferris wheel. Dawson and Jen are uncomfortable and end up arguing about why they broke up. Back on the ground, everyone goes their separate ways. Dawson runs into Pacey and Joey who decided to go to the carnival. Pacey takes Dawson aside and confesses that he has new feelings for Joey. Dawson says that he's cool with the idea of his friends dating, then changes his mind and changes it again. It is pointless, as Joey is not interested.

Episode 12

~"Pretty Woman" # 111

~It's time for the Miss Windjammer competition. Jen convinces Joey to enter as the $5,000 prize would be a great bonus for her college fund. Jen offers to coach her. Pacey decides enter partly for the money so he can leave home, and partly to embarras his cop dad. He cries sexual discrimination when they say he can't enter. When Dawson finds out that Joey is entering, he is highly amused. "This is classic. This is so not you." When he sees how hurt Joey is, he apologizes. Looking at Joey through is camera viewfinder, he is amazed. Pacey's talent spot has him reciting a scene from Braveheart. Joey's speach is on prejudice and intregrity. Neither of them win. Dawson later tells Joey that for the first time in his life, she has left him speechless. He feels like he's seeing her in a new light tonight. Joey sees through his infatuation. She wants him to realize that what they have is more than a physical attraction. Dawson protests, but Joey tells him that he's had a lifetime to process his feelings.

Episode 13

~"Breaking Away" # 112

~Joey reveals that she has the chance to go to school in Paris for a year. Jen thinks she should go, Dawson doesn't. Before she can go anywhere, Joey has to go see her father in prison. She and Dawson go to the jail by bus and have to spend the night in a motel. Joey spends a couple of minutes with her dad, tears of resentment running down her face. She runs out, leaving Dawson in there with her dad. Her dad asks Dawson to describe Joey to him. He says, "She's great. She's smart, she's beautiful, she's funny, and she’s a big old scaredy cat. If you creep up from behind her she'll jump out of her skin. It's pretty amusing. She's honest and she always calls them just like she sees them. You can always count on getting the truth from Joey even if the truth hurts. She's stubborn, and we fight a lot. She can be so frustrating sometimes but she's a really good friend. I know her to a fault and she believes in me. I'm a dreamer so it's good to have somebody like that in my life. If she goes away, I don't know what I'm going to do. She's my best friend, you know? She's more than that; she's my everything." Joey later tells her dad that he messed up. She's 15 and goes through every day thinking that no one loves her. Her dad says that's not true, that he loves her and so does Dawson. Joey manages to tell her dad that she loves him. Jen's grandfather passes away. She turns to Dawson for comfort and ends up spending the night. The next morning, Joey is rushing to find Dawson, but leaves when she sees him with Jen. When Dawson finds Joey later, he asks if she is going to France. Dawson insists that he can grow up. Joey asks if they are ready to be honest, and they kiss.

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