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*Third Season Episodes*

Episode 36

~"Like A Virgin" # 301

~On the bus back from Philadelphia, Dawson meets a girl named Eve, who he just happens to run into again later. Joey has a new job working at Logan's Marina, working for a jerk named Rob. Jack is still living with Grams and Jen, and him and Jen are so comfortable, it's almost like they're married. Dawson and Pacey are sitting in Dawson's kitchen the morning of the first day of school. Dawson is trying to convince Pacey that he is over Joey, but Pacey doesn't believe it. Mitch comes in and announces that he's off to his coaching conference. Pacey questions this and Dawson tells him that his dad is the new coach of the Capeside High football team. Jen and Jack are sitting in the auditorium before the junior assembly. Dawson and Pacey are also sitting there, with Pacey looking for Joey. The new Principal, Mr. Green, starts talking. Jen and Jack are standing watching the cheerleader tryout sign-ups. Jack wonders why anyone would want to be a cheerleader, and Jen says that there is only one way to find out. She signs up. Dawson sees Joey, and tells Pacey that he was right, that he's gonna crumble, and asks Pacey to take him somewhere, anywhere that Joey will never find him. Pacey says for $25.00, he has just the place. They end up at a strip club. Pacey orders himself a couple of beers and Dawson a glass of milk. The waitress brings their drinks and asks Dawson if he remembers her, and he looks slightly confused. She takes off a wig, and it's Eve. Pacey and Dawson go to Dawson's house, and Eve is sitting in his living room. Pacey suggests that Dawson take his dad's boat out for a spin. Dawson is hesitant, but then agrees. Jen is at the cheerleading tryouts. One girl has just been cruely rejected by the head, Belinda. Jack asks Jen if she still wants to do it. Jen says now, more than ever. Jen gets up on the stage, and gives her speech. Dawson and Eve are on the boat, and Eve is talking about Dawson's virginity. Eve starts kissing him, and goes totally "below the equator". The boat crashes at Logan's Marina. Joey sees the accident and asks if they are okay. Dawson, realizing that it's Joey, says that he thinks so. Eve comes into view and laughs. Rob calculates the damages, and tells Dawson that it will easily be $3,000. Jack and Jen are walking down the hall at school, with Jen spacing out a little. Jen eventually tells Jack that she made head cheerleader. Pacey and Dawson are at Dawson's house when Eve shows up. She hands Dawson an envelope with $400 in it. She says that it's a collection from the club. The other strippers felt so sorry that they donated their tips. Dawson refuses it, and Pacey comes up with a in is mind, "brilliant" idea. They plan to have a party at Dawson's house that night, and have the girls from the club offer their services. Dawson's house is packed that night. He goes up to his room to lay down and finds Joey. She tells him that she missed him and asks him if he missed her too, and Dawson says of course he did. Joey takes her shirt off, telling Dawson that she can be sexual too, but Dawson tells her to put her shirt back on. She leaves through the window, crying. Later, Dawson asks Pacey to look out for Joey. Dawson's dad shows up. Joey is sitting on the dock by her house, and Pacey rows up. They talk about what happened between her and Dawson, and Joey leans on him and starts crying.

Episode 37

~"Homecoming" # 302

~Dawson and Pacey are on their way to school. Pacey asks Dawson if he has seen Eve lately, and Dawson says no. Pacey says that he is going to pick up Andie later that day. Dawson asks if he needs company, and Pacey says that Joey is going to go with him. They get to school, and Pacey is going on about Eve, and how she would be great for Dawson, and Dawson gets pulled into the janitor's closet. Pacey doens't notice, and keeps on walking and talking. In the janitor's closet, we see Dawson making out with Eve. He looks at her in surprise and asks what she's doing there. She tells him that she's a student. The bell rings, and she says that she's gonna be late for class, and leaves. Dawson walks out of the janitor's closet, and right into his dad and Principal Green. They tell him that they need his help and that Principal Green will see Dawson in his office at 3:00. Grams Mr. McPhee, and Jack talking on Grams' porch. Mr. McPhee tells Grams thanks for taking care of Jack. Jack asks when Andie is supposed to get in. Mr. McPhee tells them that Pacey is going to pick her up that evening. Mr. McPhee starts talking to Jack about the housing situation, and Grams leaves. Mr. McPhee says that maybe it would be best if Jack stayed at Grams, as long as it's okay with her. Pacey and Joey arrive at the mental facility that Andie is at. The woman at the desk refused to let Pacey in until the next day at visiting time. Pacey goes back out to the truck, and tells Joey what happened. Joey walks in, and tells the woman at the desk about all of the psychiatric problems. Pacey is able to sneak in and see Andie. Andie is very surprised to see him. She introduces him to Marc, who she was talking to when Pacey showed up. Pacey picks her up and gives her a hug. Marc leaves. Joey shows up in the doorway. Andie starts packing her stuff. Pacey gives Joey a look that he knows something is up. Dawson shows up at Principal Green's office. They ask Dawson to film footage of the football team, the cheerleaders, etc. for the pep rally the next day. Dawson agrees to do it as he sees Eve walking by. She invites Dawson to an evening of great sex, and tells him to come prepared, and she will find him. Jen and Jack are at cheerleading practice, and the cheerleaders are doing a slightly pessimistic cheer. Jack suggests that they should be a little more optimistic. A ball flies by, and Jack catches it. Jen and Jack start talking about his dad, and Jack catches another flyaway ball. He catches a third one and tosses it back to Mitch, who stares at him. Pacey, Joey, and Andie are on their way home. Andie is staring sadly out the window, and Pacey asks her if she is okay. She says that she is just happy to be going home and happy to be with him. Pacey knows something is up. Pacey suggests that they have a nice quiet dinner, and she says maybe another night. Pacey asks if she is trying to avoid him, and she says no. Mitch tells Jack that he was great, and asks him to be on the team. Joey, Andie, and Pacey arrive at the pep rally. Mitch starts introducing the players, and they notice Jack in a jersey. "Wide receiver, Jack McPhee!" They wonder when that happened. Andie says, "Jen's a cheerleader? Jack's on the football team? I got sane and everyone else went crazy?" Pacey grabs her and says he wants to talk to her. They go in the hallway. Dawson is behind the screen as his video plays. Eve comes up and says that it's time. Andie confesses that she slept with Marc over the summer. Pacey storms out. While making out, Dawson hits the button, and the tv screen goes up, and everyone sees them.

Episode 38

~"None Of The Above" # 303

~Eve gives Dawson a completed copy of the PSAT's. After he tells the rest of the gang about it, they are called outside for a fire drill. When they come back in, the test is gone. No one admits to taking it, and Dawson can't believe that one of his friends could do something like that. The episode ends with Andie zipping through the test.

Episode 39

~"Home Movies" # 304

~Dawson gets a big break when he makes a news story about Jack going up against all kinds of stereotypes as a football player. Andie struggles with the guilt of cheating on the PSAT's, especially when Principal Green wants to see her about a confidential matter. Pacey gets Joey to cut class and then they are busted by Principal Green. Their punishment is to be the school mascot, the mule at the Homecoming game. Jen is mad when she finds out that the cheerleading squad auctioned off a kiss from her for $500.00.

Episode 40

~"Indian Summer" # 305

~Dawson tries to find out more about Eve, but is left even more confused. Joey is horrified to find that Andie is going out with her jerky boss, Rob. She follows them on their date and unsuccessfully tries to talk Andie out of it. Jack is just as unsuccessful at trying to get Jen to go out with the totally smitten Henry.

Episode 41

~"Secrets and Lies" # 306

~Dawson's mom comes home for the annual Homecoming Queen Gala. Jen, as the newest homecoming queen, has to host the event with the oldest homecoming queen, who is 80 years old. Pacey and Joey comfort Andie, who claims that Rob assaulted her.

Episode 42

~"Escape From Witch Mountain" # 307

~Dawson convinces Principal Green to let him do a documentary on Capeside's witch trials instead of a report on "The Crucible". Dawson, Joey, Jen, and Pacey head out to Witch Island to film the documentary of 13 witches killed in a fire. They are warned not to stay past sundown, but are "marooned". Jen and Pacey mess with spells from a book. Having to wait for the morning ferry, the gang is awakened by screams, bells and a violent storm that turns into a huge fire. Andie is appointed to the disciplinary committee.

Episode 43

~"Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" # 308

~Every Thanksgiving, Grams holds a pot luck dinner. This year, everyone showed up, including Jen's mother, Helen. Jen tries to deal with her anger toward her mother for shipping her off to Capeside. Dawson finds out that his parent's divorce is final. For the first time since their last fight, Pacey and Andie are in the same room together.

Episode 44

~"Four To Tango" # 309

~In exchange for tutoring sessions from Joey, Pacey agrees to take dance lessons with Joey, who is trying to get scholarship money from the school. Dawson finds a condom that Pacey left in his room, and wrongly thinks that there is something going on between Joey and Pacey.

Episode 45

~"First Encounters of the Close Kind" # 310

~Joey, Dawson, Andie and Jack spend the weekend at an Ivy League College in Boston. Dawson’s video of “Escape From Witch Island” is in the film festival on campus. It doesn’t do very well. Joey winds up with a stuffy male roommate, A.J., who sees college life as nothing but bitter. Joey gives him a dose of life outside of school. Jack goes out on his own and meets a guy named Ethan.

Episode 46

~"Barefoot at Capefest" # 311

~Dawson realizes that he has new competition in town when he goes to check out the school’s camera and finds that it is already in use by Nikki. Andie decides that the best way to get over Pacey is to keep busy, and becomes Assistant Director for the school play. Unfortunately, the Director has set his sights on Pacey for the lead. Jack and Jen camp out at Capefest since Ethan is going to be there. Jen is interested in Henry, who is upset that she blew him off so many times.

Episode 47

~"A Weekend in the Country" # 312

~Joey and Bessie find themselves in the middle of a financial crisis as the Potter B&B gets ready to open its doors to the public. Joey finds out that Bessie mortgaged the house, so if the B&B doesn’t succeed, they can lose their home. Not knowing that the B&B isn’t ready for guests, Pacey invites famous travel writer Fred Fricke to stay there and write a review. Everything that could go wrong does. The bathroom floods, the furnace breaks, and there is just no pleasing Fred, no matter what Joey does. Because the B&B needs to seem busy, Joey’s friends act as guests. Pacey falls for Joey.

Episode 48

~"Northern Lights" # 313

~The night before Pacey’s debut in Barefoot In The Park, Joey, who has been helping Pacey with his lines, tells him that she won’t be able to go to the premiere. She tells him that she has a date with A.J. to see the Northern Lights, so it can’t be rescheduled. Pacey messes up all of his lines in the dress rehearsal, frustrating Andie, who has to take over as director when the director gets sick.. Dawson drops film class, to Nikki’s surprise. Pacey comes out on top opening night.

Episode 49

~"The Valentines Day Massacre" # 314

~The gang goes to a party held by Matt Caufield. Also at the party is Jack’s ex-girlfriend, Kate, who is visiting Capeside in hopes of getting her mind off of her most recent breakup – her ex told her that he was gay. Jack wonders if he should tell her that he is gay also. Henry scores some cash to take Jen out by donating a pint of blood at the center, only 2 days after the last time he donated. Later, on their date, Henry’s blood loss catches up with him, and the two share a jell-o cup in the hospital.

Episode 50

~"Crime and Punishment" # 315

~A proud Joey gives Pacey a sneak peek at her finished mural for the school. At the official unveiling, however, they find that during the night, somebody ruined her painting. Dawson and Pacey want to find whoever did it, but Joey’s too upset to care. Dawson tries to get Joey to redo the painting, while Pacey sets off to find whoever did it. Pacey closes in on Matt Caufield as the guilty party, and Joey is confused by all of the effort Pacey is going through for her. Pacey slugs Matt. Andie realizes that she’s been too hard on students while being on the disciplinary committee, and knows it’s because of her own guilt from cheating on the PSAT’s . After confessing to Jack, she knows it’s time to come clean.

Episode 51

~"To Green, With Love" # 316

~After expelling Matt Caufield for ruining Joey’s mural, Principal Green faces some harsh reactions from the community, because Matt’s parents are prominent members of the community. The parents see this as a terrible injustice. In response, the superintendent tells Principal Green that he can either change his mind about Matt Caufield, or resign as principal. The gang is outraged by what is happening, and try to fight back, but Principal Green resigns.

Episode 52

~"Cinderella Story" # 317

~In punishment for hitting Matt Caufield, Pacey has to join a mentoring program and gets a “little brother” named Buzz, who is a mini version of Pacey himself. Joey goes up to Boston with A.J., but the night doesn’t go as planned when she realizes that A.J. likes another girl. Joey calls Pacey, and he goes to Boston to get her. Pacey decides to do something about his feelings for Joey and stops the truck, gets out, and kisses her.

Episode 53

~"Neverland" # 318

~Pacey and Joey’s unexpected kiss throws them both for a loop. Pacey worries about his friendship with Dawson. Hoping to get Dawson’s blessing for him and Joey to be together, Pacey takes Dawson camping to remind him of their long time friendship. With his crush Ethan in town, the situation between Jack and his dad hits the fan.

Episode 54

~"Stolen Kisses" # 319

~Pacey’s childhood friend, Will comes down for a visit, and everyone goes to Dawson’s aunt’s house for the weekend. The tension is high between Pacey, Joey, and Dawson, and Andie takes a liking to Will. When a girl at Leery’s Fresh Fish comes on to Henry, Jen’s jealous side comes out, to both her and Henry’s surprise.

Episode 55

~"The Longest Day" # 320

~This episode is seen in 3 parts, through Joey’s eyes, then Pacey’s, and then Dawson’s. Jen accidentally tells Dawson about Pacey and Joey, and when Joey and Pacey go to tell Dawson, they find that he already knew, and that their friendships are over. The guilt causes Joey and Pacey to rethink their relationship, and Joey breaks it off.

Episode 56

~"Show Me Love" # 321

~When Dawson finds out that Leery’s Fresh Fish is sponsoring Pacey and his boat True Love in the Capeside Regatta, he convinces Jack to let him borrow his dad’s boat and Dawson enters the race also. His desire to beat Pacey overcomes his sense of sportsmanship, and comes close to crashing Pacey’s boat. Will finds out that he has been accepted to Rawley, a prep school.

Episode 57

~"The Anti-Prom" # 322

~Dawson asks Joey to prom, despite the situation between them. Jack runs into a obstacle when he tries to get tickets for him and Ethan – a prom coordinator who decides that they shouldn’t go. In response to that, the gang rallies together and put together their own prom at Leery’s Fresh Fish. Dawson gets upset after seeing Joey dancing with Pacey. Henry tells Jen that he is going to foot ball camp for the summer, and she gets upset.

Episode 58

~"True Love" # 323

~Mitch and Gale take their second walk down the aisle, with Dawson and Joey there to see. Pacey makes one last attempt to convince Joey to pick him before he sails to Key West for the summer. After talking to Grams, Jen decides to make amends with Henry, and Grams takes her to him, and also takes Jack up to Ethan’s school. Jack finally works up the nerve to kisse Ethan, but finds out that Ethan has another boyfriend. A brokenhearted Dawson tells Joey to go with Pacey after comparing him to last year’s France. Joey finds Pacey and tells him that she wants to go with him.

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