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*Second Season Episodes*

Episode 14

~"The Kiss" # 201

~After the kiss between Dawson and Joey, they are almost ready to pretend that it never happened. But instead, they kiss again. While Dawson and Joey's relationship blossoms, Mitch and Gail's relationship is falling apart. Mitch goes to see a divorce lawyer. Joey tells all to Bessie, as does Dawson to Pacey, and both want to know all the juicy details. The new girl in town, Andie McPhee crashes into Pacey's father's squad car with Pacey driving it. Andie thinks that Pacey is an officer, and Pacey takes the moment to embarrass Andie. Joey decides not to go to France. Jen reveals that her grandfather died. When Andie realizes that Pacey is not a police officer, she is furious. She calls him a "real low-life". She gets back at him when she realizes thathe has a crush on cheerleader Christy Livingstone. Andie introduces the two, and later tells Christy that Pacey is dying from a heart condition and could leave at any moment. The last movie at the Capeside theatre, The Rialto, has everyone showing up, including Grams. Jen shows up and sits with Dawson and Joey who are on their first real date. Jen leaves when she realizes that her being there is uncomfortable. Dawson yet again runs off to make sure that she is okay, and comes back to find Joey gone. Pacey and Christy are supposed to go out, but Christy tells him the real reason she agreed to go out with him. Bumping into each other at the grocery store, Pacey and Andie agree that they are even. Dawson and Joey make up.

Episode 15

~"Crossroads" # 202

~Mitch and Gale are shocked to find Joey and Dawson making out on his bed. Pacey fails his driving test, but Dawson, so distracted by Joey, forgets about Pacey's birthday. Jen tells him to forget about Dawson and Joey, they forgot about him. Troublemaker Abby Morgan is interested in Jen's New York past, and they become friends. Jen shows Abby pictures of guys she knew in New York, and Abby asks Jen how she could have wasted her time on Dawson. Jen admits that she wants Dawson back. Dawson tells Joey that their relationship should be easy since he knows her so well, but she doesn't think so. When she leaves the room, Dawson sees her journal on the bed, and reads one of the entries. He realizes he doesn't know her as well as he thought. Pacey is left at his own birthday party with nobody but Andie giving him attention. Dawson realizes that he forgot about Pacey's birthday and apologizes. Pacey says, "Everything is different now. You have Joey and our friendship can't compete with what you and Joey have. And I'm not the third wheel type." When Joey realizes that Dawson read her journal, she freaks. "God, Dawson, you invaded my privacy, how dare you!" Mitch's friend Cole thinks that if fidelity is the problem in Mitch and Gale's marriage,they should have an open marriage. Mitch suggests that to Gale, but she doesn't think it's such a good idea.

Episode 16

~"Alternative Lifestyles" # 203

~Dawson tells his father, "You can't handle the fact that the little boy you brought into the world has brown up-and that he's a sexual being." Mitch makes it clear that he does not want Joey and Dawson alone together. At school, the economics teacher hands out an assignment where they study family ecomomics. Pacey and Andie are low-mid class, Dawson and Jen are loaded, and Joey is a successful single mom. Abby tells Jen to make a move on Dawson. Needless to say, not much studying gets done. Jen is busy trying to flirt with Dawson. Pacey teases Andie about her family's wealth so much that she runs off in tears. Joey rejects her sister's offer of help on her project and turns to Laura Westin, a single mom with a successful career. Laura is impresses with Joey and gives her an internship. Andie's brother Jack tells a surprised Pacey that Andie does not have it as easy as he thinks. After studying in Dawson's bedroom, Jen says that she's exhausted. She asks to crash there. Dawson is on to her and tells her so. She says that she knows he is with Joey and accepts it, she just doesn't respect it. Bessie tells Joey how hurt she was that Joey didn't ask for her help. The project deadline is here,and Andie has no partner and no project. Right as Andie is on Mr. Maddock's last nerve, Pacey runs in with a big binder of a project and a big smile for Andie. While taking a stroll through town, Pacey doesn't notice that a woman is watching him. It seems Tamara, his former lover, it back in town.

Episode 17

~"Tamara's Return" # 204

~Dawson finds that Tamara is back in town. She is trying to sell Mitch a warehouse to turn into a restaurant. Andie tells Dawson that she likes Pacey. Dawson manages to keep it a secret for a few hours before telling Pacey. To support Joey's interest in art, Dawson goes to a lecture by Laura Westin. He thinks it's boring while Joey thinks it's really interesting. Joey goes to Laura's art class and shows that she has real skill. While looking at Joey's sketches, Dawson is surprised and expresses his happiness that Joey has a hobby. Joey asks, "Why is it that my interest in art is a hobby while your obsession with movies is a life passion?" Dawson apologizes instantly, but the damage is done. Pacey's dumbfounded at seeing Tamara, but handles it like an adult. He tells her that he is no longer a child and has grown up. Jen and Abby meet a good looking fisherman named Vincent. Abby tries flirting with him, but Vincent makes it clear that it is Jen he wants. Abby then accuses Jen of stealing Vincent from her. Joey takes Jack with her to an art exhibit and is surprised at his knowledge. Dawson shows up and notices that Joey is acting distant. Later, Dawson asks her what has changed between them. She says that is the point, nothing has changed, they are the way they've always been, and she's sick of it.

Episode 18

~"Full Moon Rising" # 205

~Jen tells Abby that she is going on a date with Vincent, and Abby says that he probably knows an easy lay when he sees one. Jen smacks Abby. At the Ice House, Jack asks Joey why she's so angry all the time. She is too surprised to answer. Jack later kisses her, and she kisses him back, then pulls back, ashamed. Andie agrees to go on a date with Pacey, but insists that he doesn't pick her up at home. Pacey forgets and meets Jack and Andie's mom. Her mom invites Pacey to stay for dinner with her husband and oldest son, Tim. Andie freaks and hurries home, and tells Pacey that Tim died in a car crash, her mother had a nervous breakdown, and her dad left. Andie and Jack have to deal with it on their own. Pacey comforts her. Abby climbs into Dawson's room to spy on Jen. She makes a move on Dawson so Jen will see, but Dawson shows her the door. Jen and Vincent's date goes great. He wants to be a lawyer. They start making out, but when Jen tries to stop, Vincent asks, "What if I don't?" Jen answers, "I'm 16 years old, Vincent. How's that going to look on your law school application?" Grams shows up and tells him to get out. She later tells Jen that she will not let her go back to her New York behavior. Jen is stunned. Dawson asks if his parents are having an open marriage. Mitch admits that it wasn't a very smart idea, and Dawson says that it doesn't take a degree in psychobabble to figure that one out. He begs his father to forgive Gale.

Episode 19

~"The Dance" # 206

~Joey, Dawson and Pacey aren't as thrilled as Andie is about the upcoming Homecoming dance. Joey is worried about Jen and Abby becoming friends. She says that Abby isn't a good influence. Joey suggests that Dawson invite Jen to the dance with them, and Dawson tries to hook Jen up with Jack. Pacey doesn't think it's such a good idea, but they hit it off alright. Pacey refuses to dance all night, telling Andie that it isn't for him. Andie is totally surprised when she seeing him dance with Christy Livingstone. Andie says that they don't owe each other anything, they are just sparring partners. Pacey apologizes, and Andie forgives him. They have their first kiss. Jack and Joey were avoiding each other since they kissed, but finally talk at the dance. Jack says, that he doesn't think that Joey is mad at him for kissing her, he thinks she's mad at herself for kissing him back. Dawson overhears and punches Jack. Joey later tells Dawson, it was a mistake, a poor error in judgement. Dawson tells her that ever since they got together, he felt like she was pulling away. Joey says that she has been so worried about her future, she doesn't know what she wants. Joey realizes that she needs to be happy with herself before she can be happy with Dawson. Dawson is alone again.

Episode 20

~"The All Nighter" # 207

~Charmer Chris Wolfe flirts with Jen and invites the group to study at his house. Andie struggles to keep everyone focused as Chris is tempting them with satellite TV, hot tubs, and Andie's purity test. Chris and Jen score lowest on the test, while Dawson and Joey both score 85, and Andie is 92 percent pure. Pacey's little secret is out, he was screwed by the question about having slept with someone twice his age. Andie runs out embarrassed. Pacey tells her that he was with Tamara for sex only. Chris asks Dawson for advice to "close the deal" with Jen. Dawson warns Jen that Chris has an agenda, but Jen says that she might have an agenda of her own. Jen tells Joey that she's sorry about the break up, but Joey's not having it. Jen tells her "I used to think it was our mutual feelings for Dawson that kept us apart. I never considered the fact that maybe you were just a bitch." Chris' little sister Dina tells and upset Dawson that Joey wrote that she had been in love twice on her purity test. He asks Joey, "You said I was your world. When did you have time for guy number 2?" Joey wants thing to be the way they were before they kissed. Joey tells Dawson that she loved him twice, once as a friend, and once as a boyfriend.

Episode 21

~"The Reluctant Hero" # 208

~Guidance councelor Mr. Milo reviews Pacey's school file and tells him that he will have to redo his sophomore year. Andie takes it upon herself to save Pacey, to give him the support his family doesn't. When Andie gets a call from the market about her mother making a scene, Pacey proves himself and encourages Mrs. McPhee to go home. Dawson's horror movie won the Boston Junior Film Festival and the prize is $2500 for his next project. Dawson asks Joey to produce again, but she says no. Even though he got her drunk at a party the night before, Chris wants to take Jen out again. Dawson goes to the party and is shocked to find Jen being stripped by Chris and his friend Todd. He grabs her and carries her out. Dawson takes her to his dad's apartment.

Episode 22

~"The Election" # 209

~Andie wants to run for student council with Joey as her running mate. Chris and Abby are also running and Abby is determined to find dirt on the competition. The election debate is humiliating. Abby calls Joey a convict's daughter and spills the beans about Andie's family history: the crash that killed Tim, and her mom's mental illness. Andie runs out and Pacey comforts her. In the office where the school loudspeaker is, Pacey asks Abby why she wants to be VICE-president to Chris when she is obviously the brains of the operation. Little did she know, Pacey turned the loudespeaker on so the whole school heard her response. When Dawson learns that his father served his mother divorce papers, he goes to Joey, but she is comforting Jack, humiliated by his family business being made known to the entire school. Dawson then turns to Jen who fulfills Joey's role. Andie starts taking her prescribed medication again.

Episode 23

~"High Risk Behavior" # 210

~Jen has taken on another former role of Joey's - the producer of Dawson's movie. As a result, they have been spending a lot of time together. Jen tells Abby that the new plan is to wait for Dawson. Jen tells Dawson that he should think about rewriting the script. He shouldn't let the movie play out so real to his life. When Jack spills a drink on Joey's art sketch of a nude man, he offers to pose for her. As Jack lays on the couch, Joey realizes that it resembles the scene from Titanic except she is Jack. Jack reveals that sex scares him, even though he isn't a virgin. Once he gets dressed, him and Joey start making out. Andie wants Pacey to get an HIV test. Even though it comes back negative, she makes it clear that they aren't gonna just jump into bed. She tells Pacey what her fantasy evening would be - an intimate French restaurant, and a bed-and-breakfast Inn. Pacey then treats her to it. Thought she wants to do it, Andie's upset as she thinks she's carrying too much baggage. Pacey tells her how much she has turned his life around. A sleeping Jen is startled by a noise at her window. It's Dawson, and it's obvious what he wants by the way he kisses her.

Episode 24

~"Sex, She Wrote" # 211

~Because of everything that happened the night before, Dawson rewrites his script so his character does sleep with Jen. Chris finds a note about a sexual encounter, and him and Abby set out to find out who wrote it. Abby decides to do the research for a project in Mr. Peterson's class. She points out the most likely couples: Pacey & Andie, Joey & Jack, and Dawson & Jen. When Joey realizes that the movie is about her relationship with Dawson, she asks to see the script. Dawson avoids the issue, but tells her that he would never say anything to hurt her. As part of Abby's plan, Chris gives Joey a copy of the script. Abby riles Jen so much that she says she did sleep with Dawson. Now on a mission, Abby upsets Andie by telling her Pacey bragged about his night with her. Abby then tells Dawson that Joey slept with Jack, and uses the picture that Joey drew of Jack as evidence. With everyone gathered into one classroom, they find out that the only sex that took place was between Pacey and Andie. Before everyone leaves the room, Jen goes off on Abby: "You're a lying, manipulative, cruel person and the fact that you're only sixteen years old makes my feel more sorry for you than any of the people in this room whose lives you seem so intent on destroying. You're pathetic." To everyone's surprise, Abby doesn't turn in her project and gets an "F" from Mr. Peterson. Dawson and Joey make up when she confesses that she misses his friendship, and he says he does too.

Episode 25

~"Uncharted Waters" # 212

~Pacey is dreading a weekend fishing trip with his father John Witter, Dawson, and Dawson's dad. Jack also comes along, as Pacey is doing a favor for Andie, but that doesn't go over too well with Dawson. Pacey's father alternates between ignoring and belittling Pacey. John again humiliates Pacey: "Simplest instructions in the world and you find any excuse for not following them. Why can't you take a cue from Dawson over there? He listens when he's being spoken to." That evening, John reveals that he is a heavy drinker. As Pacey tries to get his dad back to the boat, Mr. Whitter passes out. Pacey "speaks" to his dad, "I'm here and I'm not perfect but can't you see how hard I'm trying? WHen did you give up on me...when I was five?" Dawson also has a moment with his dad, letting out emotion over the break-up. The next day, Jack nabs a huge fish, but can't reel it in. Pacey does it for him. Even his father congratulates him befor ruining it by saying to enjoy his rare moment. For production experience, Jen is following Gale around as she works on a report on the buying power of teenage girls. Jen advises Gale to talk to girls like Joey, Andie, and Abby. While taking a break from filming at Gale's house, Abby invades Dawson's room. They find a porno movie and watch it. After they finish the interview, Gale tells Joey that she always wanted a daughter. She tells Joey that she is her surrogate daughter, and that she has always felt that way.

Episode 26

~"His Leading Lady" # 213

~Dawson interrupts Joey's art class and gives her a rewrite of the script and notices a nude model. The model, Devon, comes up to him later, fully clothed, and he asks her to read for the part of Sammy. She's not impressed with the script, but her performance as she reads is amazing, and she wins the role. Joey tells Dawson that she found the movie to be kind of painful. Jen's latest date, Ty, invites her to a party, which turns out to be a Bible Study Group.

Episode 27

~"To Be Or Not To Be..." # 214

~Jack asks Dawson for help on a poetry assignment for Mr. Peterson's class. Dawson tells him to listen to his heart before he starts writing. Pacey is doing great in school, but is having trouble with Mr. Peterson, who is just a little different from Tamara. Mr. Peterson makes Jack read his poem out loud. The poem has homosexual overtones and Jack runs from the classroom crying. During study hall, Joey and Dawson hear other students talking about the incident, saying that "McPhee's a total homo." Dawson tells Joey that she should take these comments seriously. She disagrees. Pacey asks Andie if she's ever thought Jack was gay. Andie says, "He's talked about women his whole life. He's crazy about Joey, he hates Madonna. He's not gay." When Joey asks Jack what happened, he says the poem might or might not have been about his dead brother Tim. The next day, even after a derogatory comment was written across his locker, Mr. Peterson forces Jack to finish reading his poem. Pacey steps in: "What is it about you that gets off on tormenting your students?" He spits on Mr. Peterson, and is dragged down to the principal's office. The principal orders him to apologize, and is suspended when he doesn't. Jack is ungrateful, "I didn't need a hero." Andie apologizes for not being there for Jack. Joey finds the courage to ask Jack if he is gay. He tells her no. Jen tells Ty that his religion bothers her more than she was letting on. But Ty insists on taking her out again and when she says yes, he takes her to a nice jazz bar.

Episode 28

~"...That Is The Question" # 215

~Pacey spends his detention week watching movies in Dawson's room. Andie isn't speaking to him, as she blames him for everything that has happened. Dawson suggests that Joey and Jack have a nice romantic dinner to ease the tension between them. Joey makes dinner, only to have Jack back out. His father is in town, called by the school counselor Mr. Milo. Joey then goes to a jazz club with Dawson, Jen, and Ty. While dancing with Dawson, Joey tells him that she can read his emotions in his eyes. Watching them dance, Ty wonders why Joey is with a "fruitfly" like Jack instead of Dawson. Shocked, Jen says that Jack is no fruitfly. The next morning, Jack makes it clear to Andie that he doesn't want their dad to come home. When his dad comes downstairs, Jack loses his temper at his dad's cold attitude, and crying, admits that he's gay. Also crying, Andie comforts Jack and asks her father to leave. Pacey researches teacher's ethics at the library. His work pays off. Mr. Peterson was in violation of a long list of rules. Pacey, determined to see him apologize, sends a copy to the school board. He says, "I want this man publicly reprimanded for his behavior." But Peterson decides to retire early. Jack admits to Joey that he is gay.

Episode 29

~"Be Careful What You Wish For" # 216

~Dawson's on edge about his upcoming 16th birthday. Joey is preparing a surprise birthday party for him. Pacey is taking him out for the evening so Joey can get ready for the party. Dawson takes Joey aside and tells her that he wants her back. She reminds him of the reason they broke up in the first place, she needed to find herself. He is still depressed later on while cruising the town with Pacey and Andie. A night of letting loose is just what Andie's doctor prescribed to battle her need to be perfect all the time. And she does just that, insisting that Pacey take them all to a bar. Andie and Dawson get drunk before Pacey gets them to the party. Jen is stunned when Ty insistes that sex before marriage isn't for him, and given her past, maybe they should split up. Dawson gets to his party, and Joey sneaks him into his room with some coffee for him. Dawson stumbles downstairs. After being presented with his cake, his wishes include his mom not sleeping with her co-worker, his dad getting a job, and Joey finally finding herself.

Episode 30

~"Psychic Friends" # 217

~A new teacher at Capeside High, Nicole Kennedy, catches Dawson's interest with her knowledge and interest in movies. The new English teacher turns out to be Dawson's dad. He's already told Miss Kennedy about Dawson's movie and his movie-making ambitions. Dawson's a little hesitant to let her see his movie just yet. Joey and Jack are now able to check out guys together. At the local fair, a fortune teller tells Joey she must make decisions with her heart and watch out for a tall dark man. Next thing you know, Colin introduces himself. He is a photographer, and more than impressed by Joey, wants to take pics of her. Joey's smitten, but Collin is gay and interested in Jack. Dawson lets Nicole watch his movie. Her words are not kind, she calls it "a preposterous soap opera about a bunch of teenagers who talk to much." Dawson is almost in tears. He sees Pacey and Andie, and Jack and Joey, and feels alone. The fortune teller tells Andiethat the pain from her past may not be over. Returning home, Joey sees a tall dark man standing on her doorstep: her father.

Episode 31

~"A Perfect Wedding" # 218

~Joey's father announces his plans to help Bessie cater a wedding. Joey's very unsure about it. Her dad tells her, "I'm the father, Joey. It's my job to worry. Your days of worrying are over." Joey askes the gang to help out. She confides her worries about her father in Jack. Jen tells abby that she's bored and lonely. Jen tells Abby that she doesn't like her, but admits that she does know how to party. They decide to go to the wedding, even with the lack of invitations. The wedding is a huge affair. Seeing his dad walk in with Nicole, Dawson spills champagne on himself. When going to the bathroom, he runs into the bride, who has a case of the pre-wedding jitters and is ready to crawl out the window. Dawson tries to make her come around, but it doesn't work. Jack, however, in under 20 seconds, reminds her of how much she loves the groom. She runs down the aisle. Dawson talks to Jack about how Joey used to confide in him, and Jack tells him, "There's no reason to be threatened by me. I may be her friend, but you're her soulmate." Dawson Joey when she says that she is okay. She says she is worried about Capeside's gossips, and Dawson tells her to be strong and accept her father. A hug says that they are friends again. Dancing with Dawson, Joey thanks Dawson for being her friend, for understanding her, and putting up with her for the past 16 years. She tells Dawson that she loves him. Dawson kisses her. Jen and Abby show up at the wedding half drunk, but are escorted right back out by Andie. Abby steals a bottle of champagne, and her and Jen make their way to the docks. Abby, laughing like a hyena, hits her head and falls into the water. Jen dives in after her, but is unable to get her out.

Episode 32

~"Rest In Peace" # 219

~After going back to his house after the wedding, Dawson and Joey find Jen crying in Dawson's room. Jen tells then about Abby's death. The next day, when talking about Abby's death in class, Jen yells at Andie and says that it's Andie's fault that Abby is dead since she was the one that threw them out of the wedding. Joey reveals that there are issues concerning her mother's death that she has to deal with. Dawson has his problems to deal with too. Gale has been offered a job in Philadelphia and is considering it. She assumes that Mitch would move back into the house rather than make Dawson go to Philly. Abby's mother asks Andie to give the eulogy at Abby's funeral, and Andie agrees. Pacey worries that Abby's death has had a negative effect on Andie. Poor Grams gets her head bitten off after trying to console Jen. "For the last time, there is no God, Grams. There is no Heaven. No peace. And no hope. THe only truth I know is pain. So just keep your Sunday school fables to yourself. They make me want to puke." Jen and Andie's eulogies are as different as the girls themselves are. Jen says that Abby had a toxic personality while Andie says that Abby made her into a stronger person. Grams is particularly upset at what Jen says, and leaves with a look on her face that could kill. After the funeral, Dawson goes with Joey to her mom's grave for the first time. Returning home, Jen finds that Grams has packed all of her stuff and wants her out. Grams tells Jen, "I went to that funeral to give you support, to try to rectify the damage in our fragile relationship, just to find you heartlessly thumbing your nose at me - in a house of God, no less!" Jen winds up on Dawson's doorstep, a total wreck.

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