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*Second Season Episodes (Continued)*

Episode 33

~"Reunited" # 220

~Andie shows up at school with her hair dyed brown. To spice up their relationship, Dawson takes Joey to a fancy French restaurant, but finds his dad and Nicole there. He snaps at Nicole, who offers him an internship in L.A. Jen and Gale start to have a nice quiet evening at home, but when the pot roast burns, they decide to go out. They end up at the same restaurant as Dawson, Joey, Mitch, and Nicole. Joey and Jen come up with a plan to make Mitch and Gale talk. Joey does a great job at embarrassing Nicole, who excuses herself to the bathroom, where she runs into Gale. The band plays a song that has meaning for Mitch and Gale, and Mitch can't help asking Gale for a dance. He takes the chance asking Gale not to go to Philadelphia, by saying how hard it would be for Dawson. When the song ends, Mitch heads back to Nicole. Walking home, Gale tells Jen that she has decided to stay in town, but the look in her eye says otherwise when she sees Mitch and Nicole kissing. Poor Andie has been on edge ever since the funeral. She has a panic attack and calms down when she sees a tall handsome guy smiling at her. Andie's doctor tells her that she may not be healing right, and she may need her medication again. While watching a movie with Pacey, Andie goes downstairs to get a drink. Pacey goes down a few minutes later and hears her talking to someone named Brown. He thinks she was either on the phone or having a breakdown. Jack comes home and realizes that Andie is talking to their dead brother Tim. Andie starts crying, "I know what you think. And I'm telling you I'm not crazy. I'm not like mom. I'm not like that. I see Tim. And he's here." She locks herself in the bathroom, and it takes all Pacey's got to get her out safely, and to make her choose between him and the ghostly Tim. "Andie, my life began when I met you. And you never gave up on me and I'm not gonna give up on you. I need you more now more than ever. I'm begging you, please. God, Andie, please. Choose me."

Episode 34

~"Ch...Ch...Ch...Changes" # 221

~Dawson is working on a film class project for the dreaded Nicole. He has to compare Humphrey Bogart's character in Casablanca to a real-life person. Mr. McPhee shows up, and in an effort to help the family, announces that he wants Jack and Andie to move back to Providence. Pacey beggs Mr. McPhee to reconsider, but it doesn't work. Mr. McPhee wants Jack to go too, so he can get help with his "problem". Not surprisingly, Jack decides to stay. Mr. Potter agrees to be interviewed by Dawson, but his honesty hurts Joey, "Even if I could turn things around, would my daughters ever forgive me? How could they forget what I'd done to their mother?" Andie decides she wants to leave because Pacey is burdened by her illness. Pacey's concern is obvious by the look on his face, but everone knows this is best for Andie. Jen called her parents asking about coming home to stay, but they say no. She packs to leave town, but she has nowhere to go. Jack convinces Jen to stay with him. Dawson sees Mr. Potter smuggling drugs, going from marijuana to cocaine. Dawson asks himself, does he tell Joey that her father has relapsed or not?

Episode 35

~"Parental Discretion Advised" # 222

~Dawson asks Joey if she will always love him. She tells him, "We get the happy ending." Jen is feeling depressed, saying that she is tired of being alone. Jack tells her that there are people who care for her, and is proved right when Grams takes Jen back into her home, and brings Jack with her. Everyone's at the Ice House, where they have gathered to study. Mr Witter yells at Pacey for failing his finals, and hits him. A shocked Pacey notices that that Ice House is on fire. Inside, when Mr. Potter realizes the fire, he hurries to flush is loot down the toilet, leaving everyone to fend for themselves. After getting Joey to safety, Dawson runs back in and saves Mr. Potter. In front of his cop co-workers, Mr Witter humiliates Pacey, but Pacey pushes him away. As usual, Mr. Witter's mouth gets the better of him, saying, "Finally my boy gets a pair. And all it took was getting his heart broke by some little girl with a few screws loose." Pacey punches his father and tells him, "Andie did more for my life in 6 months than you did in 16 years, you rotten son of a bitch!" Dawson tells Joey about her father dealing drugs again. Dawson asks her to go to the police, but she tells him to stay out of it, but she finally gives in. At the station, Joey isn't thrilled at the idea of wearing a wire, but realizes that it's the only way. It doesn't take long for Mr. Potter to confess. Joey reveals the wire. Although he was shocked at first, Mr. Potter realizes that she did the right thing. Andie calls and talks to Mr. Witter. Mr. Witter then seeks out Pacey to apologize for what he said. Joey tells Dawson that she doesn't know if she can ever forgive him. "You see, Dawson, there are some circumstances that love can't overcome. From now on, I don't want to know you."

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